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Week 36 – Paris

Friday, July 16th, 2004


Yeah yeah, “Ooh Betty, the cat’s done a whoopsie in my beret” heard it all before.


Took us 4 hours to get up here (one of the people in this photo has soiled themselves, can you tell which one?)


“Yes, well, this, my darling child, is art. You can tell that by the way it’s hung on a wall in an art gallery”


We dropped in on Brancusi at his studio. He said “help yourself to nibbles” and disappeared upstairs. We couldn’t actually find any nibbles.


Inside this building we all became Catholics. It was either that or Hunchbacks.


“Move on steed, Alez! Alez!” [also a very bad Hunchback impersonation]


The hotel was charming [people were simply “dying” to get in, boom boom]


“Wow, the Louvre! I wonder if they have any terrifying pictures of babies in here?”


“Arggghhhh!” [lucky Rocket had already been born before we saw this chap]


A bit less scary but disturbing nonetheless.


We gather at the Arc de Thingoe to welcome Lance on his 6th Tour De France victory – only he didn’t finish for another week and a half! Lucky for him everyone else was even slower than he.


Oh goody it’s one of those puzzle picture things… wingbaby? windowface? skyrocket!!! Yay! What do I win?

(Actually this represents Rocket sleeping through our “mid-air emergency”. That’s all our precious fuel being dumped over Belguin [sorry Belgium] while we head back to Paris. Happy Bastille day!


We managed to smuggle our Hotel key out of the country by inserting it into Rocket’s gob – next time we’ll smuggle out some of that unpasteurized cheese!


“Didn’t know that you can pay only ten percent and get a sleeping compartment as well did you? Suffer in your jocks you huge pathetic adults!”