the visitors

Over the last several months we’ve had many visitors – Justine and Zhen Xing came and lived with us for 3 months, and due to my blogging slackness only appear here well after they’ve gone to live up North with the ti-tree lakes and the beaches (bit of a change from being directly beneath the flight path and next to a freight rail line). Hi guys!!



We’ve had Bindi do a quick drop in before she took off on her bike to Central America again – she should almost be in Costa Rica by now – hi Bindi!


And Narni and Poppy came down for a week for Rocket’s birthday (you might notice I have no pics of the actual party, can all the camera-wielding friends who came along supply me with some photographic evidence that said event did actually occur?)


Sally was next up


and then Narni and Poppy were back for a flying visit for New Year – seen here waiting for the fireworks at Coogee (so much more civilized than fighting our way through the hordes at Circular Quay – thanks to Karen for the brilliant plan)


and here, for some obscure reason which I won’t go into, we are exploiting the lovely light in the beergarden and trying to look like we’ve all had a bit to drink on New Year’s Day (note that despite strict orders to the contrary mum couldn’t help downing half hers before the photoshoot was over 😉


Here’s to more regular posting in 2009!

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