asleep (not)


This is pretty much the normal state of things – Ada asleep, Bea awake.

Ada has taken to sleeping the entire night, and often will sleep for extended periods during the day (hours sometimes), while Bea, ummm, doesn’t. Bea normally snoozes during the day for 20 min or so, any longer is a bonus. She still wakes up at 1ish, 3ish, 5ish (sometimes adding 2ish for good measure) – her biggest sleep is from around 8 to 12 – so at least she often gets in 4 or 5 hrs straight at the beginning of the night. I did a rough calculation the other day and worked out that Ada sleeps approx twice as much as Bea. I looked up sleep requirements for babies and found some babies are happy with 8 hrs – looks like we have one of those. As I write this Ada has drifted back to sleep – Bea has started complaining heartily and demanding attention…

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