Playing Catch-up…

It’s been a while, and we are still here, and sleeping a little more, but can I just say looking after two babies is hard. Even harder with an energetic and keen 4yr old who wants to be so constantly in your face. Rocket has been fabulous, but trying to get her to leave the bubs alone when we are trying to get them to sleep is a bit of a battle, and holding two squirmy babies with her hovering inches away trying to make them laugh is somewhat overwhelming (to say the least).

The details

At their 10 week checkup Ada was approx 5kg and Bea was 5.5kg, and both were approx 9cm taller (this explains why they’re growing out of some of their clothes amazingly quickly – it also explains why I’ve been so hungry, seeing as I’m their sole source of nutrition at this stage). Now they are 4 months old, so closer to 16 weeks, and I have no idea what they weigh, except that independent witnesses do confirm that they are indeed getting bigger. Bea looks like she will always be bigger than Ada – her build is different.

Ada’s eyes are most definitely blue, Bea’s are dark grey/brown.

Both of them are smiling, though Ada is more free and easy with hers and she throws in little laughs and cute baby noises and wriggles to express her delight – Bea is generally more sweet and sedate.

We have many many photos of course but if I have to sort through them all and post them right now this will be saved as a draft again and they’ll be 6 months old before I know it – so here’s a recent pic of all 4 girls (taken at Adam and Sharn’s incredibly spiffy new South Coast abode).



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