20 Months

This month’s obsessions are her toothbrush, pens (with lids), umbrellas (“bella bella bella bella”), her bike helmet (“helmo”) and (still) The Wiggles. She has started semi-singing some of the wiggle songs and doing the hand movements too. She has started saying ‘love you!’ In a very endearing and unbearably cute fashion (‘luh yooo’), declares many things to be ‘hebby’, and delights in learning/remembering everyone’s names. She can articulate the difference between Shane, Sharn and Shaun (and thinks they’re all fabulous).

Our camera broke this month so despite the fact that we went to Mittagong for a wedding, stayed in a marvellous room at the Fitzroy Inn and had a fabulous time, there is a remarkable shortage of pics from this time. Needless to say Rocket enjoyed the huge bath enormously, thought meeting such a lot of people was rather spec, and won over an entire room of people after the speeches ended by standing in the middle of the room and clapping (“yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy”). The call and response that this set up (small child vs entire happy room of adults) was beyond her wildest dreams. She likes the attention we suspect.

The other night she ate an entire meal consisting of chicken and broccoli. She even ate the broccoli off my plate when she’d finished her own. Strangely enough she isn’t really interested in sweet potato, or even mashed potato, but loves baked beans and risotto. When we had lunch out the other day she picked every single olive out of my meal (and ate all of them), but refused to touch the salmon or the mashed potato, and showed only passing interest in the wedges. She is very fond of sweet milky tea, but particularly the frog and dog cups it comes in, (particularly the little pics inside the cups of the flower and the bone).

She’s good at animal noises and mimicking sounds she hears wherever she goes (did a very good impression of a seagull at the beach the other day). She likes balls, and is getting quite good at kicking them. When she sees people playing soccer at the park she runs straight for the ball, picks it up, and runs away (no respect for the rules this kid).


New teeth!! (incisors)


Richard’s first attempt at playdough was a success!


Try saying “no” to this face!”Her eyes, her eyes! They’re burning my brain!”




Rocket playing in the rocket…



Checking conditions at the beach.”There’s a joggle out wide” she says.


Warehouse safety officer! (note the toothbrush)


Phone pics.

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