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19 Months

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

New things for June…

The other day Rocket looked at the clock and said ‘siss!’. This was followed by ate! ten! nigh! tooooo! (yaaaaaayyyy!!! + much hand clapping). She also can recognise the letter O on her alphabet blocks, and likes snakes (‘nake), and saying sssssssss… She also recognizes sheep (baaaaaaaa!!). She semi sings along to twinkle twinkle little star, a little like someone who’s learned a song phonetically in a foreign language and still isn’t quite sure of what she is doing. Her other favorite song is ‘Peter Rabbit’, and anytime she sees something rabbit-like she starts singing and making the hand gestures. I suspect both sesame street and playschool have played a large part in this 🙂

This month she also had her first haircut, and performed admirably. Just a little off the sides and a new fringe. She has many new words, and will run around pointing at things so you name them for her. Her ‘conversations’ are still very garbled, but she at least appears to know exactly what she’s saying, even if all of the lumbering adults are too thick to quite comprehend what she wants.

Every time she falls over she holds her head and says ‘heh’, and then often recreates the fall for you just in case you don’t quite understand what she means. Interestingly she almost never cries when she falls, and even if she just hits her arm she still points to her head.

Another interesting new development in the journey towards true self-awareness is that she has started being picky about her wardrobe. This was demonstrated the other day when she threw a screaming tantrum upon being approached with the orange tights, only calming down when they were replaced with the pink stripy ones. Richard figured if she wanted pink, that was fine, but she then violently rejected the pink stripy jumper too. She has decided that by far the most interesting piece of headgear she owns is her dolls dress, it makes a very funky hat (modeled below).

We’ve acquired several Boobah and Bear (in the Big Blue House) DVDs, and she is obsessed by them.


Attempting to learn how to read…


Just one of the many creative collaborations in the pages of her new sketchbook.


With bindi!


She has taken to wearing her doll’s dress as a hat.



Rocket is wondering when all the wool her mum has bought is finally going to manifest in a jumper…


Running around outside Post Cafe.