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18 Months

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Sally came to visit this month, and somehow there is a remarkable shortage of pictures (sorry Sally for this appalling oversight). Rocket was particularly taken with the lion in the botanic gardens, and no, we weren’t negligent parents letting her balance precariously like that, I just photoshopped out Richard’s hand (badly – it was a rush job) to make the pic look better 🙂

The pics below the lion are actually from earlier on, but for a variety of reasons went undated and unposted, so I thought I should throw them in as they are so very cute…

This month she started drawing, gradually filling the pages of a sketchbook which lasted an amazingly long time before she began tearing it apart. She doesn’t eat the crayons too obsessively, at least she spits them out into your hand when caught (and they are, of course, non-toxic – which Richard assures me means ‘edible’, at least that’s how he interpreted it when he was a young thing). She semi-understands colours, and a few numbers. She likes pasta (‘basta!’) and noodles (‘nu-doll’). She’s started feeding her dolls, and is very good at mimicking car alarms and sirens.

Books still are her favorite thing, and she actually sits and lets you read them to her now (well, some of them). It is still difficult to stop her from chewing on them from time to time, and most of her library is looking rather scraggy (and soggy). She has started pointing progressively at all the pics to get you to name everything for her, and has begun also looking at the letters on her building blocks with interest.