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17 Months

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

We [well, not Richard] went for a quick trip up North this month so Rocket got to meet her cousin Jack for the first time! Her Poppy [Charles] also introduced her to the moon and the stars, and she has been obsessed by them ever since. Every night now we go out to visit the moon, and when walking home in the early evening she always keeps an eye out [and a pointy finger] for Venus (‘tar!!). She threw her first tantrum in a shopping centre when Richard tried to take her away from a [musical] keyboard and microphone – [He had been squatting patiently listening to her play and sing for 15 minutes]. She also got her first bike [Thanks to the Cheeky Monkey Cycles], although it’s a bit too big for her so she’ll have to grow about three inches to really ride it. Lot’s of new words, no real sentences yet. Books are her absolutely most favouritist thing in the whole world, except for perhaps the moon, though books about the moon are really really special.

New Words:

Ha-wo [Hello], Moon, Star, Book, Meow, Bubba [dog], Baby, Byyyye [With a wave and a blown kiss]

She is also very keen on talking on the phone [any phone, even if it’s not a phone, even if it is in fact a stick], unless there is someone on the other end [of a real phone] in which case she clams up completely.


Having a word with Jack, with Jack’s mum Ali


Sally with grandchild number two!


Photogenic pair!


Loves the car, but is a bit unhappy about being boxed in…


You can’t see it here, but this room is lined with hundreds of books…


…it’s her favouritist place in the whole world!