16 Months

This month Rocket learned that playing in the mud is fun! She’s becoming a little more sociable (with other kiddies), is still very fond of books, but (in general) won’t let you read them to her, and loves swinging very high on the swing. She can climb and slide down a slippery dip (a small one) by herself (under close supervision) and refuses to hold your hand while wanting to walk everywhere (holding hands is for BABIES!). She likes singing into the microphone Richard has bought for her and her dance moves are becoming very funky.


A new friend teaches her how to play in the mud…


…which she thinks is fab!


Luckily we’re not far from Mr Manner’s place and a change of clothes…


…and later, a bath! (we are jealous – maybe we should look at investing in some jumbo plastic tubs of our own)


She doesn’t like holding still, and has almost grown out of her overalls.


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