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15 Months

Monday, February 28th, 2005

This month is a bit of a phone photo special, the ‘big’ camera hasn’t been out quite as much as she has developed a bit of an obsession with it and it’s hard to take a photo that doesn’t involve her running towards you reaching for the lens.

So February… This month she learned to drink through a straw! Huzzah! It was one of our goals for the month and she spontaneously worked it out in the last day or so (Richard thinks it’s because the mango smoothie had a domed plastic top on it and the straw looked something like a nipple… hmmm).

We’ve had a few storms this month. She seems to have no real fear of thunder or lightning, and quite enjoys watching the storms out the window.

She has started talking to Mr Monkeeman in catspeak, and the other day when her uncle John left us a National Geographic to peruse her favorite pages became the ones with the cheetahs, which she spontaneously started meowing at with no prompting on our part, (cut to very cute image of Rocket, nose to nose with the mummy cheetah, meeeeeeowwwww, mmmeeoooow….yeeeowwwww…). Other favourite words at the moment are ‘ball’, ‘book’ and ‘baby’ (she’s big on the ‘b’ words), though in the past week or so she has decided that Monkee is a baby and will not be persuaded otherwise.

Singing is a popular pastime, Bear in the bigbluehouse is her favourite show (we are quite partial to it also), and she has started blowing kisses in a very sweet fashion. She loves having visitors and has started becoming quite upset when people leave (though is over it in a few minutes), and has begun talking to her teddy bears and carrying Spidey (her spidermonkey) around (on the odd occasion).

Jumping and dancing are also big faves, as are the piano and pretty much any other musical toy/device. She has also started nodding her head and saying yes in answer to just about any question you ask her (do you think John Howard is a silly little man sweetie??).

The most important bit – she has a cousin! He was actually born in January but we’ve only just got it together to update the site, so he’s now about 7 weeks old. His name is Jack and she’s very much looking forward to meeting him in the not-too-distant future.


It’s Jack!! Jack Edwin Gracie to be precise, born 10/01/05. He has red hair! Rocket thinks he’s very cute.


Playing with Sharn… Where are Ma & Da? [Mooovies! yay!]



Go, go… GOOOOO!



“What-chew lookin’ at?”
[Lucky the camera has red-eye reduction!]