12 Months!

She’s one year old already, and we celebrated with a picnic in the Botanic Gardens (of which I took a shamefully small amount of pictures) attended by many friends and relatives. One of Rocket’s grandmummies, Sally came down to visit and the little girl got so much attention she didn’t know what to do. She isn’t walking yet, but can take a few steps if she’s holding your hand. She has thrown a few tantrums when her favorite thing is taken away from her, and she says something that sounds like ‘pla’ whenever a plane goes overhead (a common occurence here in Marrickville). She also now has six teeth! Three on the top and three on the bottom, arranged asymmetrically. She is very fond of cameras, especially Adam’s new video phone, and has decided she likes watermelon after all.


Amazingly the chair that these two are sitting on only cost $15! What a deal!


I thinks mum’s getting a bit arty with the Photoshopping here. Also, what the heck is dad’s foot doing in shot? You may also care to notice the whizzo “Wheely Bug” on which i sit, presented to me but my Uncle/Aunt-Adam/Sharn…


Rocket wonders if her new xylophone doubles as panpipes. George Zamfir must be trembling in his boots! [Thanks Shane and FoFo for these thingies].


Nothing to say here except Karen provided the shirt [the Bonds people helped]. Thank ye!


Oooh black & white!


Adam/Sharn provided this rather self explanatory shirt as well as the afor mentioned Wheely Bug! Oh you guys!





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