Week 34 – Ireland


Richard is attempting to push our bedroom around a bit to the west so the sun doesn’t come belting in at 4am. Rocket is trying to push the room over on it’s side so that she can play in the Irish sea.


This is the Irish Sea – there’s no chance anyone is walking backwards over this, not even for Christmas [thanks Spike].


We visit a 5800 yr old passage grave. From this spot one can see 22 counties [not visible in this photo, the counties are everywhere but in this photo, so you will have to imagine them. To assist I can tell you they are green and very nice to look at, but watch out for the one that has a hail-storm above it, I think it’s coming our way]


Jo has knitted a very nifty hat to keep Rocket’s ever growing brain all warm and cosy.



A young person being held by an older person standing next to some quite old headstones at a very old abbey.


with Fo at Howth – pronounced “Hoath”, just like “Bono” [from U2] is pronounced “Bonno” not “Bone-Oh”… so much to take in!


Hi, I’m Rocket and I’m hiding under this chair to give my parents a chance to see how cute I am. It has worked before and I dare say it will work again.”

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